NON-TRIVIA QUESTTM brand and franchise going forward

Non-Trivial Quest is an award-winning family and educational board game for ages 10-110 with 2-8 players or teams.  It is fun and easy to play and is the flip side of trivia, or about all of the important things that you need to know in life. This game demonstrates how we can make thinking and learning fun and interesting about the important things that we need to know in life today. 

This First Edition USA version in English is a limited edition collector’s item about what is relevant and useful knowledge for life in the USA with respect to the world today.  These board games are no longer available from us anymore, but may be found by game retailers including on

The future games will have the new game name and brand going forward of Non-Trivia QuestTM, with versions in different countries and languages of board games and apps for the Internet, Facebook, iPhone and iPad, plus E-books for interactive learning.  The games for the other countries will be about the important things to know in life there with respect to the world today.

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